File a business or Personal insurance claim

What kind of claim do you want to file

Report your insurance claim immediately

We understand that you want to get your day-to- day life back to normal as soon as possible. Whether it’s an auto, property, general liability or workers’ compensation claim, we help you facilitate filing your claim as quickly as possible.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information needed  to file your claim. It’s important to file immediately. You can always contact the claim center  later with follow-up information.

What you’ll need to file an insurance claim

For the most efficient experience, try to have the following available when you start your claim.

  • Contact information for you and others involved
  • Your policy information (if available)
  • The type of loss: auto, property, general liability or workers’ compensation
  • The date of the incident
  • A description of the loss or any injury

Claims FAQ

How do I file a claim?

You can  file a claim online. If you don’t have an online account, you can sign up for online account  or call 1-87 7780 4626. You can also contact your agent to file a claim. Be sure to file your claim immediately following a loss or employee injury.

What do I need to file a claim?

You’ll need:

  • Contact information for you and others involved
  • Your policy information
  • The date of the incident
  • A description of the injury or damages
  • If applicable, the claimant’s or employee’s name and contact information

If you need additional help, contact your agent, who’s always there to answer any questions.

I just filed my claim. What happens next?

After your claim has been submitted to your insurance carrier, your claim will be assigned to a claims adjuster, who will help you manage your claim and handle most of your questions. Depending on carrier,  Claims adjusters  strive for same-day contact after your claim is submitted. Your claims adjuster will walk you through all aspects of the claims process and may schedule time with you to do an on-site evaluation.

Who do I contact , if I have more questions including questions about my claims settlement?

Please contact your assigned claims professional with any questions. If you cannot remember the name or contact information of your claims professional, call us at 1877 7804626.

How does the claims management process work?

Claims payments are determined by a covered cause of loss, type and extent of damages, and the applicable coverage that was purchased. Following the receipt of a property, auto , or liability claim, a claims professional will review your coverage, investigate the loss and evaluate the damage(s) to determine what the appropriate payment may be under the policy.

For a work comp claim, the claims professional must first determine whether the claim is covered and eligible for compensation, subject to state regulations. Be sure to immediately report your claim in order to set the claims management process in motion.

For third-party claims in which a claimant is alleging that you’re liable for damage(s), such as a bodily injury or property damage, we’ll evaluate your coverage, investigate any losses, and work toward final determination of the claim outcome (settlement or denial).

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