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If you’re looking to start your Printing and Copying Services business or if you already run an Agent/Manager for Artists and Entertainers business one of the most important business steps is investing in insurance. Without the right insurance or proper coverage, your Printing and Copying Services business is at risk of costing you thousands of dollars or putting you out of business entirely. In this resource, you’ll get an idea of how much Printing and Copying Services insurance might cost and which insurance types you may need to purchase to ensure that your business is protected.


The average cost of Printing and Copying Services insurance is approximately $1,000 - $5,000 a year but could vary depending on the coverage option you choose and your provider.

Below is a Printing and Copying Services insurance average cost breakdown:

  • General Liability Insurance:
    $300 - $800 Premium Cost (for $1,000,000 Coverage and $0 Deductible)
  • Commercial Auto Insurance:
    $1,000- $2,000 Premium Cost (for $250,000 Coverage and $500 Deductible)
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance:
    $1,000 - $1,500 Premium Cost (for $1,000,000 Coverage and $0 Deductible)
  • Business owner’s policy :
    $500,000 - $1000,000
  • Media liability insurance:
    $500,000 - $1000,000
  • Cyber liability insurance:
  • BONDS :

Here are some of the factors that can impact Printing and Copying Services insurance rate:

  • Cyber and technology risk
  • Business size
  • State policies
  • Intended neighborhood (crime rates can increase insurance rates)
  • Operational Risk factors
  • Value of equipment (the higher the price of the equipment, the higher the rate)
  • Replacement cost coverage versus cash value coverage
  • Employee payroll
  • Coverage amount (minimal, average, high)
  • Deductible options

What Type of Insurance Is Needed for a Printing and Copying Services? Running an Printing and Copying Services is no small task between clients, PR agencies and Technology platforms its around the clock mission and it can open a risk of potential errors that why you need to secure the right insurance for your business, IT is important to consider the types of insurance you’ll need to fully protect your business and vehicle from liabilities, theft, and collisions. The following insurance types are necessary for Printing and Copying Services businesses including general liability, commercial property insurance, and business income.

What Types of Business Insurance Do Printing and Copying Services Need?

Every ad agency and small business has unique needs, and insurance coverages vary depending on what you do exactly. Many ad agencies start with a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). This combines three coverages essential to business owners:

General liability insurance or advertisers’ liability insurance, which helps cover claims that your ad agency caused:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage to someone else’s belongings
  • Personal and advertising injury, like libel or slander

Commercial property insurance to help protect the building and equipment that you own or rent to run your ad agency. This includes your:

  • Computers
  • Cameras
  • Hard drives
  • Supplies
  • Tablets
  • Documents

Business income insurance to help replace your ad agency’s lost income if you can’t operate because of covered property damage, such as a fire or burglary.

What Does general liability Not Cover:
  • Employee-related incidents
  • Auto accidents
  • Incidents while your truck is driving from location to location

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is required for all vehicles used for business purposes to protect from liabilities and damage in transit. The policies included in commercial auto insurance protect your vehicle from physical damage to the unit and items permanently attached to your vehicle by bolts, plumbing, and gas lines.

Commercial Auto Coverage:

  • Collision coverage (damage to the vehicle and permanently fixed items resulting from a collision with a barrier or other vehicle)
  • Liability coverage (Injuries to others while the vehicle is in motion, damage caused to property while in transit)
  • Comprehensive coverage (Not-at-fault incidents including theft, fire, vandalism, nature, and weather-related damage)

Does Not Cover:

  • Injuries and damage caused by your vehicle while stationary

Personal auto policies are sometimes used for smaller vehicles. Be sure to ask your policy provider and local jurisdiction before selecting a personal policy over a commercial policy.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance covers the items that are in your Printing and Copying Services but not permanently fixed to the unit. Contents insurance is often labeled as contents coverage insurance or business property insurance. Business owners have the option to choose between an actual cash value policy (which would provide the cost of the product minus depreciation) and replacement cost value (which covers the cost of a new product). Replacement policies will come with a higher premium than actual cash policies.

Contents Insurance Coverage:

It is important to pair property insurance with general liability insurance. Ask one of our agents if your business qualify for BOP policy., ensure that you secure maximum savings.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation is needed to protect your employees with wages and medical benefits if they get ill or injured at work.

Workers’ Comp Coverage:

  • Employee slip and falls on the job
  • Employee job-related illnesses
  • Employee medical care, expenses, medication, and rehabilitation if they were to get hurt on the job
  • Employee long-term or permanent disability payments
  • Death benefits to family members of employees that experience a work-related death

Does Not Cover

  • Liabilities involving customers.
  • Non-work related injuries or illnesses

Workers' compensation is a legal requirement by OSHA in most states for Agent/Manager for Printing and Copying Services and is highly recommended in the remaining states to ensure that your business is fully protected.

Builders Risk Insurance

WA construction project involves lots of materials and equipment that could get lost, stolen, or damaged. Builders risk insurance helps protect builders and contractors from those losses. This type of insurance is also beneficial for subcontractors and equipment owners involved in the project. It’s typically provided along with the contractor's general liability insurance.

Contractors pollution insurance

Any construction site always has the potential to violate certain environmental laws due to its capacity to pollute a given area, and there is no shortage of third parties who are willing to file suit against any contractor caught breaching such laws. Many contractors choose to purchase contractor’s pollution insurance policies to protect their business from such claims.

Error's and omissions insurance

E&O, also called professional liability insurance, can cover legal fees of lawsuits related to your business decisions, including errors and oversights.

Cyber liability insurance

Covid-19 has been levied as a curse upon us and no part of the world has escaped its raft. Many businesses have gone bankrupt and even countries with strong economies are suffering due to it. Setting up a business takes a lot of hard work and dedication is required towards it. Especially steering your business through these tough and challenging times. The world is a cruel place is what we have heard all our lives and with coronavirus in the context, sadly cybercriminals have emerged and made an opportunity for themselves out of all of this. These criminals that with the use of technology have found loopholes and ways to exploit the weak furthermore in this pandemic. According to data published, cybercriminals have tripled their phishing attacks since the beginning of the year 2020.

As you draft your Printing and Copying Services business plan, you’ll also want to begin your search into finding the right Printing and Copying Services insurance for your business.

  1. Research

    Research what insurances are required in your state and township to legally operate an Printing and Copying Services. Visit insurance company websites to get an idea of the coverage options they offer. If possible, chat with other Agent/Manager for Artists and Entertainers’s owners in your area for advice on which insurance companies and coverage options they selected.
  2. Do a Business Assessment

    Compile a list of your assets with their value, payroll records, agency registration, and employee driving records. By gathering your important documents and records before you shop for insurance, you’ll be able to get a more accurate quote to help you make your decision.
  3. Get Quotes

    Reach out to various insurance providers with the same information and records to compare direct quotes more easily. You may want to check with 3-5 providers to get an idea of the options available in your area. You can also use a broker to contact providers for you and present the information in a way that is easy to understand and compare.
  4. Review Quotes and Purchase

    Layout the quotes side by side and choose the provider that provides you with the most coverage within your budget. Complete the insurance purchase with your intended provider.
  5. Reassess at Renewal

    You’ll need to renew your insurance policy either annually or semi-annually. In the period between purchasing and renewing your insurance, make sure that you and your staff are following safety protocols closely to keep your premium down. At renewal, bring up coverage needs or instances where your budget is overextended with your insurance agent to make adjustments to your policy.

Most insurance companies that provide auto insurance will have the policies required to protect your Printing and Copying Services business. It is important to explore a few provider options to ensure full coverage will be provided to you. You may receive a discount for bundling insurance policies with one company, but you can use multiple insurance companies to purchase different policies for your agency. The following are some insurance providers that Defy insurance agency partners with to provide with the most adequate quote your business requires

The following are some insurance providers that Defy insurance agency partners with to provide with the most adequate quote your business requires

  • AmWINS Group, Inc.
  • Risk Placement Services, Inc.
  • Philadelphia Insurance Companies
  • Guard
  • Hartford
  • Travelers
  • Amtrust
  • Lockton
  • Liberty Mutual

Your Printing and Copying Services is important to you. Be sure that it is protected from general liabilities, and other management and professional related liabilities, by covering it with the optimal insurance program that provides you with peace of mind and a successful business in the long run.

A liability policy covers claims or suits that arise from offenses you commit while advertising your business. For a claim to be covered, it must result from an offense that falls within the definition of "personal and advertising injury." The definition includes seven types of offenses, four of which relate to advertising activities. These are listed below:

  • Libel, slander, or product disparagement
  • Violation of the right to privacy
  • Use of someone else's advertising idea in your advertisement.
  • Infringement of copyright, trade dress, or slogan in your advertisement

For an advertising injury claim to be covered by your policy, the claimant must seek compensation for a type of offense cited above. If the claimant demands damages for some other type of offense, such as patent infringement, the claim will not be covered.

Customer slips and falls: Businesses can prevent many slip-and-fall accidents by practicing good housekeeping and proper maintenance.

Customer injury and damage: A customer can be injured at a business location if, say a ceiling tile falls on his head or an employee spills hot coffee on him.

Reputational harm: These are third-party claims for acts such as libel and slander that allegedly damaged the plaintiff's reputation. To avoid such claims, businesses should refrain from criticizing competitors publicly. They should also obtain permission from content owners before posting content on their website.

Vehicular accident: Businesses can help prevent accidents by instituting a vehicle safety program. They can also ask their insurer or agent to review employees' motor vehicle reports.

To keep Ad Agency premiums down, your goal as a business owner should be to keep claims down. Here are some precautions you can take to keep your rate down:

· Hire the best staff. Do background checks, request driving records, provide thorough training, and get your employees SERV Safe Certified.

Implement safety and cleaning protocols. Ensure your work place is cleaned regularly to reduce pests and possible illnesses by providing clear rules and cleaning schedules along with safety tips.

Perform regular preventative maintenance. Check on your equipment regularly and perform repairs and cleaning on a daily, monthly, and quarterly schedule to make sure filters are clean, gas lines are clear, and oil is changed out.

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