Dental insurance

Dental insurance is an affordable way to supplement your health plan and safeguard your smile. And unlike health insurance, there’s no special enrollment period – you can sign up any time.

Depending on your needs, we can help you find a plan that covers: Exams and cleanings, X-rays and fillings, Major oral care (surgery, root canal, crowns etc.)

Dental insurance

Looking for a new reason to smile?

Save money on dental insurance that protects your pearly whites and prevents problems down the line.

Fast Facts About Dental Insurance

Are there different types of dental insurance plans?

Yes. “Indemnity” plans offer a broader range of dentists, while “managed care” plans usually have lower out-of-pocket costs. Both reimburse you for services received.

Can I see a dentist who’s out of network?

Depends on your plan. Some let you see any dentists you want. Others limit your care to a dentist within a network. Usually, out-of-pocket costs are higher with out-of-network dentists.

What if I need a specialist?

Most insurance plans allow you to see specialists (such as oral surgeons and orthodontists) who are also in your network.

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Brad M.

Accommodating, professional, helpful, and quick. Very comfortable experience and i was impressed by their capabilities.

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Susan T.

They have strong ties with the community, and its shows. It's nice to do business with people that really show they care about you and your family.

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Carol S.

Over years we've never once had to worry about our coverage. My husband and I are long-time customers and proud to be.