Tree Damage: impact on real estate businesses and their curb 5 mins

Natural disasters can cause anyone to take a few steps back while engaging in the real estate business. It can be said that such situations make the natural beauty of the area too dull to reach the fair market price. One such aspect that can reduce the value of the land includes tree damage.

It is natural to increase the aesthetic of a landscape by planting more trees. It has a certain appeal in that it allows you to invest in a particular land without hesitation. However, the tree loss aspect has cost the real estate business to drop down from the original market price.

It has caused severe damage to the business because no one would like to buy land with danger looping around the area. This article will provide you information about the potential impact of tree damage on the real estate business, prevention factors, and what to do before investment. 

Impact of tree damage

When it comes to real estate, the first thing that damages your business is a tree falling onto the roof. Natural disasters, storms, or windy weather can cause the trees to fall, losing their branches. If the tree is hovering above the top, it can damage the property quickly.  However, such aspects shouldn't destroy the property until the roof is weak. Sometimes, the part of a tree falling over can even block the chimney of ancient themed houses. You would even end up finding random holes on your walls and roofs.

However, that's not the only issue you will be facing because of tree damage. Root issues can also extend beneath your ground without even providing you any hints. Sometimes the root system grows everywhere, even destroying the foundation of the house. Some houses can even have damaged driveways and front gates because of the roots. No one would like to live in such a place.

Some root problems grow so deep that it can even end up damaging the drainage. At this time, interference with pipe systems, sewage, and plumbing might cause problems in your daily life. Clogged drains will even enhance water issues. Such interference can destroy the beauty of the lawns in your yard. If you want to sell such a property, it won't value more than the average rate in the market.

Such a situation might lead to soil damage, creating problems with the soil. Other trees will also be impacted.

Such a house is not likely to attract the attention of any seller in the real estate business. Some people end up facing the loss of millions of dollars just because of damaged trees. At this time, the symptoms that will repair include:

  • Cracked floor, walls, windows, and concrete.
  • Shattered windows
  • Uneven window or door frames
  • Flush issues
  • Water pressure issues
  • Clogged drain

Prevention tactics against tree damage

Even if you don't talk about roots, a gust of strong wind, about 50 miles per hour, is enough to make any old tree fall on the ground. Some property owners, however, take appropriate steps to prevent such situations. Before a storm breaks, It is advisable to prune trees and cut off the weak branches. It might save you from having to see holes in your roof and walls.

However, the problem comes if you over-prune something. When you do this to a tree, it will result in weakening before its deadline. That is why you must check out the local regulations related to the pruning of trees. It would be best if you hire a tree removal company, with enough experience at hand. However, that's not the only issue you will be facing concerning tree damage. If the roots get in your way, even the most robust concrete foundations might collapse.

The first step is to install barriers concerning roots before you even plant trees. That way, you can keep the roots away from foundations and any construction places. If the tree has already been there for years, you can cut off the offending roots. However, cutting off the roots might cause the trees to die early.

This is where you might have to hire a tree trimming expert experienced in removing the roots without having to damage the tree. If not, the last option is to remove the entire tree itself.

How would you keep up with the property investment?

Just because you have a vague idea about tree damage, you cannot change your mind about investing in a property. At this time, you might have to follow a few steps to handle the situation.

Firstly, remember to ask your manager to visit the property regularly. That way, it will be easier for you to be up-to-date about the tree damage situation.

It is also vital to know information about damage signs because of the tree. Even if you have missed out on using tree damage prevention tactics, you can solve the issue by stopping further damage. Such visual signs include deep cracks, fallen branches, and damaged trunks. It also provides fungus growth on the tree surface. You might even find mushrooms randomly growing about on the tree. Some of them even end up leaning more than necessary. If you still can't find appropriate problems, ensure to hire a tree damage expert to go through the entire property before you invest. 

Parting thoughts

Once you enter the real estate business, you might have to be wary of natural disasters such as tree damage. It can cause your house to lose its original market value. Some people have even lost millions of dollars because of tree damage. If prevention tactics, however, are taken care of, you can earn more money from a beautiful property.

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