How to Prevent Water Damage in Winters 5 mins

 As the saying goes, “if I had a dollar for every time… I might be very rich.” Water losses, most often caused by burst pipes during winter freezes, are one of the most preventable losses that we observe.

Have you ever experienced a pipe burst? If so, then you may be aware of how costly it is to get the repair done. According to information collected from various homeowners, pipe bursts repairs can range up to sixteen thousand dollars. That is a lot of money. Furthermore, the damage done by pipe bursts can also damage the financial resources of the house owner and can take away the peace of mind. The damages caused by pipe bursts to the home can be in many ways. For instance,

  • Can cause molds
  • Furniture damage
  • Fixture damage
  • Home foundation destruction
  • Short Circuits

Here we discuss the numerous ways that you can adopt in order to prevent water losses.

1. Let the faucets over drip slowly

In the wintertime of the year, the pipe installed on your property tends to freeze. This freezing of pipes leads them inclined to burst and at the same damaging your whole property. This works in such a way that when water freezes in the pipes, it creates pressure and forces the pipes to bulge out. The repeating process of bulging ruins the integrity of the pipes and forces them to burst out. So, what you can do here is that you have to leave the faucets in the home running slowly. This causes the water to continuously flow along the pipes and doesn’t let it freeze. In addition to this, the flowing of water in the pipes in winter reduces the level of pressure building in the pipes. This ensures that it doesn’t let pressure inside the pipe make them burst or bulge out.

People think leaving the faucets causes loss of water, but what you can do here is that you can collect the water in buckets and use them to carry the rest of the chores of the house. Water is a very valuable resource and we should go to every extent to prevent it from getting wasted. 

2. Insulation of Pipes

As said before, pipe bursts occur mostly in the winter months. This is happening because water freezes inside the pipes that cause a bulge in the pipes. Once the bulge occurs in the pipe it forces the pipe to expand to an extent that its bursts. A burst of water pipes can cause havoc in your home. Therefore, you should take every possible measure to prevent it from happening. For this, you can hire a plumber expert or if you have the required skills then you can insult the water pipes yourself. The insulation of water pipes makes sure that a certain degree of temperature is maintained inside the pipes that stop it from freezing. Insulation of water pipes is a very efficient method that helps you from facing any damage and gives you the ease of mind.

3. Maintain a certain degree of temperature in the house

The most common mistake that people make is that when they are on vacation or leave their property vacant, they tend to shut off HVAC systems in order to save energy. Nonetheless, if you shut off the HVAC systems there is a high probability that after returning back you will probably find busted pipes and water everywhere in the home. To counter this, the more convenient way is to set the temperature of the house to a standard degree that keeps the entire home warm when you're away. Therefore, keeping the home warm all time can save you from the burden of floods and heartbreaks.

4. Keep sinks door open

The water pipes that are installed under your kitchen or washroom sinks have more chances of bursting. The reason mainly behind this is that they are more exposed to colder temperatures and are prone to freezing. Ultimately, as said before, if the pipes get frozen, they’ll burst causing damage. To counter this, what you can do is that you can leave the door of the sink open. The warm air from your home will not let the water freeze inside the pipes. Warms air is very effective in preventing water pipes from freezing.

5. Seal leaked pipes

The leakage in pipes allows cold air to get in through, causing the water inside the pipes to freeze. Also, any leaks or cracks inside the house should also be investigated, for instance in windows, doors, etc. The cold air getting in through your home will not allow you to maintain your required temperature in the home.

6. When leaving the property vacant

If you are traveling or have left your property vacant. Then what you can do is simply go to the main water line connected to your home and shut it off. Then the second step would be draining all the water from the house. Doing this will empty all the water in the pipes and then you will be risk-free of burst pipes

The other that you can do is that you can have a friend or neighbor keep a check on your home when you’re away. The person responsible for keeping a check can visit your property on a daily basis and make sure that the home is warm. It’s a bit of a hassle but can save you from spending big dollars on repairs.

To sum up, we can definitely say that burst pipes are one of the major reasons for water loss. These issues mainly occur in the winter months due to the extreme cold temperature especially when an owner, property manager, or tenant fails to take preventive measures to protect this type of loss from occurring. Having to come across a burst pipe in your home can be devastating and cost a lot of money to get repaired. Therefore, the information above and proper maintenance can help prevent burst pipes in the winter season

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