Your Home: In dollar & Sense 2 mins

This high regard and significance come from years of residing and experiencing all sorts of circumstances in that place. These could be routinely high and lows or major decision-making processes in an individual’s life. However, home or the vibe it has has more much more significance and is not only restricted to these few aspects

Considering the evolution of humans and their resemblance to their ancestral counterparts, one fundamental similarity that could be observed in both is that they mark their grounds i.e. home, and then create attachments with their respective places which obviously holds high regard for them. This high regard and significance come from years of residing and experiencing all sorts of circumstances in that place. These could be routinely high and lows or major decision-making processes in an individual’s life. However, home or the vibe it has more much more significance and is not only restricted to these few aspects. As time passes people add in the significance their homes carry for them. As people may or may not stay there in people’s lives, your very important piece of real estate does, creating memories and a sense of meaningfulness.

Significance of homes

Homes are the first source of developing an individual’s initial values, beliefs, and attitudes. This place that we call home may or may not be the most expensive or luxurious but time and time again it inspires and reminds us of learned beliefs we developed ages ago in that same area. For instance, consider that different pieces of wall art paintings, decorations, or simply woodwork come from different places, in fact, even close relatives or friends would have gifted that piece of ornament/décor from Macy’s you’ve been dreaming of getting for your home. Every single piece of thing that comes from multiple places gives a special type of vibe that actually makes home what it is and therefore that is what eventually reminds us of our deepest hidden values and beliefs we developed over time. Therefore, collectively every single thing makes up this sacred place of Zen or your very own sanctuary.

In an interview with Graham Rowles, a University of Kentucky professor of gerontology said that wherever people chose to live in that environment does highly affect their individual’s well-being and it's like that attachment they have developed to their homes or territory was somehow built into their DNAs. A very famous Elvis Presley song ‘Home is where the heart is’ reminds us that homes are not merely made up of things that we have collected but rather also the neighborhood, and special

familial relationships and friendships we found when we reside in different places. People who are often on the move, highlight that some of the places or neighborhoods they lived in gave a feeling of home while the others did not feel like home at all. The reason for this is the people around you, in fact, it’s also dependent on an individual’s and others' ability to form relationships and engage with you and vice versa. Just like some new friends start to feel like family after sometimes, similarly, the case is with neighborhoods. Aristotle said that humans are social animals and who seek trust and commonality among masses as prerequisites for developing relationships. The trust and faith we seek in similar people then ultimately becomes the foundational layer of security, comfort, safety, our place investing hopes, and lastly, it gives the perfect sense of belonging to a society where we have some sort of social standing.

Home and lifestyle

It won't be wrong to say that whatever you are or have become today can be greatly attributed to your company and most importantly the place of Zen your 'Home'. This place is more than a mere physical space, in fact homes represent and reflect an individual’s living standards as well as our lifestyles and social standing. Just like each and every single thing in our homes holds some significance and reminds us of our values and beliefs, similarly how we live and the things we possess is somehow reflective of our lifestyles for the outer world. For some living with grandeur might not mean so much, they might assume simplicity or may have other reasons such as not believing in setting up their houses very well and it's simply a place of cozy comfort for them alone. On the other side, there is a limited population who highly maintain the theme of impression and its significance, and therefore a well-set real estate, with the finest pieces of décor, lush woodwork, spacious rooms, and deeply clean-living space means the most to them. As much as impression means to them, a luxurious home might also be a style statement for them and the circle they live in. Living with splendor doesn’t come easy, one has to put in a lot of effort, time, and hard work for setting up, as your home is your biggest asset in terms of physical and emotional investment.


The financial component to setting up your sanctuary must be considered with great care. Considering the importance of homes as mentioned earlier, it is imperative to realize that buying one may very well be the most important decision in an individual’s life in terms of financial asset and your emotional attachment to it. In financial regard there are few factors one must take into account before making a purchase decision:

After seeing your dream house as big or small it may be, the very basic or core question one should be thinking should be if they could even afford living. Would they be able to pay off their mortgage with the living they are making? Or would they be able to afford to make sacrifices for their other wishes that they want to fulfill and pay bills simultaneously while maintaining your dream home?

Secondly, how important it is for some to invest highly in their dream home that they are ready to go to any length to get it. Well, importance like most things is again relative. What it means is that there might be different things let say beautiful architecture, little but cozy, or a big spacious living room which you dream of filling with loads of paintings and ornaments you once bought.

Lastly, it dials down to the need and the sheer demand that the home possesses for an individual. Well, it's easy to say that if someone in real meaning can afford a luxurious million-dollar mansion they must buy it at any cost. However, in finance and economics, one term that dictates every single transaction is the ‘opportunity cost’. Which means that one must meticulously assess the choice they are making, as for every single option they trade-off with another best option which may have a significant cost. Therefore, it is safe to say that although one might be able to afford expensive real estate they might or might not really have a unique need for it.  

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