Safe Driving: What Mistakes to Avoid?

Safe Driving: What Mistakes to Avoid?

Are you one of those people who think they know everything about driving? Do you think you are unlikely to make mistakes while driving? If Yes, then you might want to think again because all human beings are likely to make mistakes. When it comes to driving, people often end up making mistakes that can either cost them a lot financially or can enable litigation against them. We have outlined some of the common driving mistakes people make.

Mistakes Related to Car Indicators

One of the many common mistakes that drivers make is that either signal a turn too late or too early. When you intend to make a turn, you need to let the other drivers on the road know. If you signal them late, you are not giving the other drivers sufficient time to slow down. This can cause road-accidents. Likewise, if you signal too early, it may be assumed as a mistake by other drivers. Jumping the gun by signaling too early is as bad as signaling too late. This is because other drivers will not be ready when you make a turn if you make them believe that you are not going to make a turn at all and the indicator was a mistake. After you have made a turn, turn your signal stalk back to neutral.

Mistakes Related to Car Headlights and High Beams

High Beams should only be used in rural localities or on clear stretches of highway as high beams can cause other drivers to lose their sense of direction. As far as headlights are concerned, they should be kept on even during day times when the natural light is not adequate. In foggy and rainy weathers, headlights should always be kept on so that other drivers can see your car and you can see theirs.

Lack of Adjustments

Drivers often avoid making adjustments with their seat, steering wheel, rear view mirrors etc. There is no doubt that comfortability matters when you are driving. However, you should not choose comfortability over safety. Making poor adjustments while driving is one of the many driving mistakes that people make. From the driver’s seat to the position of the car’s rear-view mirror, everything is adjustable. All drivers should capitalize on the adjustability features of modern cars and not risk falling asleep while driving in an excessively comfortable position.

Speeding Up When It’s Raining

Rain tends to make roads very slippery. Rainwater basically brings the accumulated oil up on the surface. This oil creates a wet and slippery layer on the road that impedes the friction between your car’s tire and the road. Therefore, you should not speed up when it’s raining as the lack of friction between the road and the tire can cause you to lose control.



All of us live busy lives and we are constantly juggling between different things. We are all crunched for time and are desperate to get more done in less time. However, there are a few things that do require mono-idealism. Driving is one of them. One of the driving mistakes that you may be making is giving time to distractions like not-so-necessary phone calls that can wait. Though vehicles typically have voice recognition systems that may help you multitask, you should hang up if the phone call is distracting you. Safe driving is not just about keeping both hands on the steering wheel. It’s about being utterly focused.

Mistakes Related to Traffic Lights

People often get engaged in some stuff like phone-calling after they pull up to a red light. We all know that led light is only there for hardly two minutes. Therefore, you should be ready to move when the light changes. Rushing when the light turns yellow is as bad as sitting at a green light. You do not want to waste time at a green left turn arrow either.


At times, you may not be familiar with your destination or you may be confused about which route to take. Though google maps are always here to guide us perfectly, you may still have a hard time reaching your destination. Therefore, instead of rushing here and there, take some time to figure out which way to go. This however does not mean that you should stop your car in the middle of the road to think. The bottom line here is that you may get lost if you rush here and there to find your destination.

Speeding Up Unnecessarily

People often have this irresistible tendency to speed up. In case of an emergency, speeding up is not wrong. However, you should still abide by speeding laws and speed up to a limit. Unnecessarily speeding up is not only legally wrong but can also be life-threatening as it can cause devastating accidents.

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