How to stay safe and cautious for a tornado outbreak

How to stay safe and cautious for a tornado outbreak

How to be medically prepared and get an emergency kit?

Getting injured during a tornado can have low to huge impact depending on nature’s severity. Tornado has caused multiple injuries, and even soft tissue wounds to the humans. More than 50% of the emergency cases are observed in the hospitals just because of the tornado. Doctors have even seen many of these wounds contaminated with foreign bodies and soil because of the windy weather.

Fractures can be the one common injury after skin-related wounds, with about 30% of humans troubled.

Another common issue include head injury; however, doctors have only observed 10% of people suffering from it because of a tornado. Lastly, hospitals also have less than 10% of people suffering from abdomen and chest injuries due to the same reason.

Medical preparations

A first aid kit can always help you in any unfavorable disastrous condition. Especially people who take regular medications on prescription should keep a bag filled with their essentials. People can also face ear-popping by a drastic change in the air pressure, although it is temporary.

And for the flying debris, one should cover the head part with cushions or mattress, in situations where nearby walls collapse.

Preparation of the emergency kit

You would have to assemble items and pack them all in the airtight bags. After collecting the supply kit, you can wrap it inside the containers that you can carry easily, including duffel bags or plastic bins.

An essential list of items that you will need in the emergency kit are mentioned below:

* Non-perishable food supply for three days

* Three days of water supply, considering one gallon per person available for both cleaning and drinking

* Battery-powered/hand-crank radio

* NOAA Weather Radio

* Extra batteries

* Flashlight

* Whistle with which you can ask for help

* First aid kit

* To filter the contaminated air easily with dust mask

* Local maps

* Additional Emergency Supplies

* Cell phone

* Phone Chargers and extra battery

* Duct tape

* Plastic sheets for sheltering

* A can opener so that you can open the food-cans manually

* Personal sanitation materials (plastic ties, garbage bags, and Moist towelettes)

* Print and store this recommended supply list

* Pliers and wrench for turning off the utilities

In 2020, CDC recommended additional materials in the emergency kit due to the enhancement of corona-virus across the world.

The extra items that you will need are mentioned below:

* Prescribed medications

* Infant formula

* Bottles

* Diaper rash cream

* Diapers

* Wipes

* Fire extinguisher

* Cloth face coverings

* Hand sanitizer

* Soap

* Prescribed contact lenses and eyeglasses

* Pencil and paper

* Cash

* Traveler’s checks

* Pet water and food

* Non-prescription medications (Anti-diarrhea medication, pain relievers, laxatives or antacids)

* Blanket and sleeping bags

* Important documents (Insurance policies, bank account records, a waterproof electronic item for storage, identification, and portable container)

* Items for the entertainment of kids (Books, puzzles or games)

* Important items (Mess kits, paper towels, plates, paper cups and plastic utensils)

* Waterproof container and matches

* Feminine supplies

* Personal hygiene items

Listening to commercial radio, television newscast, and weather radio

It is vital to get the latest information about the weather from the respective radio to know more about climate changes. At this time, weather radios are crucial because they help give you alerts whenever there is a natural disaster closer to your dwelling.

You can take prior precautions and save yourself from getting directly affected. This is when you will see NOAA Weather Radio sending an urgent civil alert. They would specify the place and the type of natural disaster that would take place near you. This is why the experts recommend you to take a weather radio to help you with natural disasters.

The good thing about NOAA Weather Radios is that it doesn’t allow you to turn it on 24/7 to hear the news. The radio has a particular frequency that turns on automatically to broadcast you the urgent news. You cannot intercept this frequency using any FM device.

The majority of such devices are meant to find any frequency so that you can choose a particular station of your liking. However, the weather report is different, since NOAA Weather Radios are specifically programmed to make sure that they can interrupt the ongoing program in case of emergencies to transmit the news.

The NOAA Weather Radio station also warns the listeners that they avoid over-dependence on the internet for obtaining the latest weather report.

You can find a radio receiving the Weather Radio band. It should have a frequency of 162.400 MHz and 162.550 MHz so that you can get the latest information quickly.

Staying on alert to handle the tornado and any natural disaster

Most people need to stay on alert by using various mechanisms, as mentioned below.

NOAA Weather Radio

NWR or NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards uses its authority as a radio station to broadcast the weather report and urgent news about natural disasters. Such a transmission occurs from the National Weather Service office nearby. The radio station believes in broadcasting the weather news 24/7 for an entire week, Aspects that they broadcast include hazard info, forecasts, and warnings. The usual alerts also include emergencies, including public safety threats or national security issues using the Emergency Alert System or EAS.


Emergency Alert System or EAS has always been a unique method used as a nationwide warning medium. The president uses this aspect to broadcast important and urgent messages to the Americans in ten minutes if there is a national emergency case. The EAS  center sends the message through wireless cable systems, cable television, satellite transmission, and radio broadcasts.

You will soon observe how important EAS is for the security of the nation. If there is national news, the EAS center can deliver the word to the local and national authorities within seconds. Such information includes aspects such as local incident, AMBER alerts, imminent threats, and weather information.

 The responsibility of activating such a system relies solely on the shoulders of the president. He will tell when to broadcast the news through the national-level EAS.

This system is mainly used when the government fails to find any other means of mass communication.

Danger signs concerning tornado

When a tornado is about to occur in your area, the following signs can help you identify and take precautions beforehand.

* You would hear a loud thundering sound in the sky

* A cloud of debris would soon approach your place such that nothing can be visible at a distance

* The air will be still, and you won’t be finding any wind before the tornado strikes down on you

* Wall of clouds might approach

* The sky could turn greenish and dark


Before heading out with your family and friends, it would be a better option to prepare for the upcoming tornado beforehand. You can do this by preparing the emergency kit in clean and airtight bags. It is also necessary to have a means of communication that would help you connect with your friends in dire need.

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