Top property maintenance Tips for every season of 2020

Top property maintenance Tips for every season of 2020

We believe that getting property insurance protects our property from all losses, however this is not true. Maintaining your property is a big challenge for every landlord or home insurance policy holder. In order to avoid maintenance costs, the house should be looked upon every season to avoid any losses.

Read the article below to learn about ways to keep your home protected from maintenance costs every season.


The colorful season of spring is also accompanied with thunderstorms. Hence, the house should be fully protected before it. Following checklist should be crossed before the season starts.

  • Roof and Gutters

The roof should be checked for any damages or cracks. In case of any damages, it should be replaced and all the cracks. The gutters should also be cleaned and no excess debris must be present in them. Sags dips and downspouts should be drained away from the foundation of the gutters.

  • Remove dead trees and trim healthy trees

All dead trees should be removed from your yard / garden by a hired professional and the healthy trees should be trimmed, so incase of thunderstorms, the trees become harmless to your home. Moreover, a clean garden also keeps the thieves away.

  • Air conditioning systems and their ducts

Check your AC for any leaks and check it out completely before the pool season. The ducts should also be cleaned and drained. HVAC filters should also be replaced or cleaned before spring season.

  • Inspect the wood

After the winter season, the warm weather provides the wood a perfect environment to start rotting. All the wood should be inspected and incase of any wearing off of any protective paint, it should be looked upon for wood rotting and should be treated accordingly.

  • Bolter your fence

If your fence has gotten destroyed in the winters, then it should be renovated before spring season.

  • Garden Improvisations

The sprinklers in the garden should be checked and replaced in case they are not working. The garden should also be fertilized for flowering.


Summer is the season where the routine maintenance work is carried out. Its the season in which people go out and enjoy the environment so its important to carry out all outdoor maintenance work. The following enlisted tasks are to be done before or during the summer season.

  • Repair your decks

You should look for any cracks or weak deck boards and get them replaced. Sharpy edges ,rotting wood, nail pops should be replaced to avoid any liability hazard. Property insurers such as people with rental property insurance should keep this up to date to avoid any medical bills.

  • Clean up your pools

Your pool should be cleaned properly before summer season starts. It should also meet all municipal guidelines for safety standards. The basic standards are

  • A fence around the perimeter
  • Self closing and Self latching gates
  • Anti entrapment drain covers
  • Water depth markers on both ends of the pool deck
  • Safety equipments like life jackets and poles
  • Paint your place

This is the time of the year where you should paint your house, the warmth of summer weather is best for painting as it allows the paint to bond to wood that is not damp will make the finish more durable.

  • Deal with Summer pests

The summer is the time that brings the pests out of hibernation. Wasps and bees usually make their nests in guttering , loft spaces and the roof, so it is a good idea to inspect your property properly and get it sprayed before the insects come out of their places. Protective covers are also a solution for pests. Ask your tenants to maintain a proper clean environment.


  • Install smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors

There should be smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on every floor, Including bedrooms. They should be checked monthly and replaced after 10 years of usage.

  • Tune up your furnace

HVAC systems should be checked before the winter or summer season. The ducts should be professionally cleaned and prevented from fires caused by dust buildup. Furnace filters should all be checked and replaced on a monthly basis.

  • Prevent bugs from entering your place

All openings should be sealed properly, even a small opening can cause pests and rodents to enter easily.

  • Clean gutters

All the gutters should be cleaned for dry leaves accumulation. In Autumn dry leaves flow into the gutters and disrupt their flow, hence they should be cleared after the autumn season.


  • Boost Installation

Draught proofing is a cheaper and effective way to insulate and save energy.Any gaps in the windows and doors should be filled with sealant in order to keep the house warm and its moisture level down. Make sure your tenants keep the house insulated properly and close all openings, especially the roof should be closed. This way you can protect your property from condensation and damp and it will also save heating costs for your tenants.

  • Drain all water systems

Drain your sprinklers and swimming pool systems. All your plumbing systems should be drained of any property, to avoid any associated plumbing from freezing.

  • Cover Air conditioning units

To avoid any dust entering the Air conditioners, they should be covered properly, and protected with covers on them.

  • Roof and Gutters

They should be checked properly for any damage caused by the thunderstorms, snowfall and rain.

  • Add some salt

Salt and shovel should be provided to the tenants so they spill it on snow to keep their pathways clear, because it is the responsibility of the tenants to keep paths clear, as long as there is nothing wrong with the property that has caused things to freeze.


Maintaining your property is better than the costs it would create to completely replace an object. Hence it is advised to seasonally make enhancements to your property according to the weather so you don’t face huge losses due to change in weather. The tenants should also look after the property and not wait for the problem to reach its last stage , they should immediately inform the landlord about the issue to avoid any extra costs.

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