Tips for Pothole Protection and Prevention

Tips for Pothole Protection and Prevention

Imagine one fine day you are enjoying your drive in a finally long-awaited car that you recently bought with your family or friends and suddenly you unknowingly hit a pothole and the whole vibe of that joy ride is instantly ruined. On top of that, your car is damaged and it even results in an accident harming your family. With an unforeseen event like that expenses can drastically start to pile on you such as medical, car repair, and maintenance if you haven’t yet purchased a suitable auto insurance coverage policy against comprehensive damages like pothole damage prevention and protection. Therefore, we recommend you get an auto insurance policy that will help you against any such unanticipated event while you can drive away with your family or friend without worrying about the car damage.

What is pothole damage protection?

Potholes are like unpleasant surprises that you cannot foresee and when you hit one you realize that they are as much of a fact of life as your predictable events are, but the only difference is these surprises can damage you not only physically but as well financially. Potholes generally form between winters or spring season as a result of harsher weather conditions and continuous rainfalls. The question that arrives is what is pothole damage protection and what coverage it will offer you to cover the harm and damages. So, this is an aspect of automobile insurance coverage policy that helps you finance the costs of damages caused as a result of your car hitting a big pothole.

How can your personal automobile insurance help you against pothole prevention damage?

Car insurance or what is generally known as personal auto insurance is an insurance coverage policy that takes care of a wide range of aspects while you could set out on a journey in your car without bothering much about any unfortunate event e.g. hitting a pothole, Collision with another vehicle or object. The broad category of coverage options under auto insurance will protect you medically; if an injury occurs, financially; if theft or accident damaging your car, legally; if someone files a lawsuit against you in case you damaged their car or inflicted an injury.

Now your personal automobile insurance plan may be divided into three parts such as collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage.

  1. Your collision coverage is mainly concerned with repair and replacements on the damage you incur if you collide with an object such as a tree or road divider, and someone else’s vehicle. This coverage will even protect you even when you are at fault for colliding. This will also include damage such as when you are driving and suddenly lose control of your vehicle and it hits a pothole. If the car you drive in on a lease, your lender may ask you for collision coverage, but if you own the car then in such cases collision coverage is optional.
  2. Comprehensive coverage: This is a coverage option that covers costs other than collision. Under comprehensive coverage, your insurance provider will help you cover the cost of damages and even replacement in case your car is subject to theft or robbery. When we say the insurer will cover damages other than collision it includes damages caused by vandalism, natural causes like storms, animals hitting the vehicle, and lastly due to falling objects.
  3. Automobile liability coverage: This is a part of your automobile insurance policy that will cover the cost of liability i.e. expenses or costs of damaging someone else’s vehicle. This covers all liability which includes medical expenses, financial assistance in repairing their vehicle, and as well as legal expenses if the other person files a lawsuit against you for inflicting damage to them and their property/vehicle. Even if you have unintentionally damaged someone else’s vehicle, auto liability insurance will not cover the damage to your own car/vehicle. Two of the main types of liability coverage are bodily injury and property damage. So, medical aid and the loss of income of other drivers are covered in bodily injury liability. Property liability includes repairs to the vehicle that has been damaged. In most states of the US, you may well be required by the law to own an auto liability insurance policy with your personal auto insurance.

Deductible and maximum coverage

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage in certain cases may help you cover the cost of damage caused due to the potholes, as previously mentioned these potholes may form as a result of harsher weather conditions. Similarly, many insurance companies may also provide pothole damage prevention under the claim of collision coverage as well. But you will have to initially pay the deductible before your insurance provider pays for any expenses first. Good news! You get to choose which deductible you are going to pay when you are purchasing the insurance policy.

When your car is damaged by hitting a pothole, we recommend you get it assessed by your car mechanic regarding the cost you would otherwise have to incur. If this cost is lesser than your chosen deductible amount, it would be reasonable at that moment to pay this amount of your pocket. It is important to point here that your insurer will cover the costs and expenses till a defined limit – this is the maximum amount they will pay for your damages. Moreover, as earlier mentioned, that state regulates the maximum amount your insurer will pay for your damages.

When you have correctly determined that you hit a pothole, you must see for any or all damages it has caused you and your vehicle. It would be even better to get it assessed of how much worth the damage is. If you are lucky enough, the pothole might have only caused a minor scratch or bump, and no injuries sustained by anyone. However, if you think you have sustained damage it is important to quickly assess the Hubcaps, Tires, Struts, steering wheel, suspension, and alignment of the vehicle.

Pothole damage reimbursement may differ based on the city, country, or state road commission policy, so you must learn about it.

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