Residential Insurance Program

Residential Insurance Program

Whether you have one property or thousands, Defy Insurance simplifies your insurance experience. Our renowned Program was designed for investors with one to eight-unit rental properties in all stages of occupancy across all 50 states. Our Program can now accommodate vacation rentals as well.


Insurance protection for covered properties may cover damages caused by:

  • Weather: lightning, windstorm, hail, volcanic action
  • Non-weather: riot and civil commotion, vandalism, aircraft, and vehicles, smoke
  • Sudden/Accidental: fire, explosion, sprinkler leakage

If you opt for Special Form coverage, you covered for the damages caused by:

  • Falling objects, the weight of snow, ice or sleet
  • Water damage, collapse, theft, and risk of direct physical loss


As a landlord and an entrepreneur, you are consistently in danger of a claim. Liability damages can cost a lot of money. 

Defy Insurance offers liability solutions to shield your property from expensive legal battles up to a certain limit. Premises Liability covers occasions that happen on the real property, explicitly bodily injury and property harm to an outsider. Premises Liability coverage includes all areas inside our Insurance Program. Your sales agent can tell you about proper liability coverage and may also advise you to get an extra Umbrella Policy to give extra financial protection for your business.

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