Beware of these Wasteful Habits!

Beware of these Wasteful Habits!

Nobody likes to be wasteful but we all tend to do so even without being aware of it at times. So,
how do you suppose to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle? Well, here are our few
suggestions for making better choices while sticking to your budget by being aware of the
following wasteful habits:

Spend Less Time Driving

Car maintenance can turn out to be more costly than you expect and let’s not forget the money you put on the gas. So, instead of driving around in your vehicle every day, opt for public transport whenever possible. Also, you can consider carpooling. Another option is working from home if your occupation, as well as your employer, permits it. This can save both your time as well as your money.

Don’t Overstock Groceries

When you go grocery shopping, do not over purchase things as they might get spoiled or expire without you getting a chance to use it. Things like fruits, vegetables, juices, and milk have a small expiry date. Prepare a shopping list of all the things as this way you will only purchase what is necessary and won’t exceed you budget.

Don’t Succumb to Appealing Subscriptions

Subscriptions for music and TV streaming, unlimited car washes, meal kit services and much more may seem very appealing but analyze how many of these services do you use and if you use them, how frequently Check if these services are worth investing your money in and only then subscribe to them.

Learn to Unplug

Don’t just stop at turning off your electronic devices after use, learn to unplug them as well.
Appliances like your computer, television, gaming devices, etc tend to consume electricity even when they are switched off if they are plugged in. Also, try to purchase or upgrade to more energy-efficient appliances.

Put a break on impulse buying

Considering all the effort stores make to drive impulse buys, it’s no surprise that this is a common wasteful spending habit.
We have all experienced the temptations we get whenever we cross a shop. Do you need another dress? Do you need that extra pair of shoes? Or do you need that hat, which you probably will never wear?
Always make a list of all the items that you plan to purchase when you go out for shopping and try to stick to the list that you have made.

Purchasing overpriced beverages

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to the occasional fancy drink order at your favorite café or bar, but these beverages can get expensive when you’re buying them on a regular basis. It is best to refrain from purchasing these high priced fancy drinks on a regular basis.

Paying excessive or unnecessary interest

The prevalence of credit makes it easy to end up paying excessive unnecessary interest. This happens often with credit cards, as you’ll pay interest for carrying balances on a monthly basis.
Another cause is those zero-interest financing programs that many stores offer. These programs are usually deferred interest offers, meaning the financing company can charge you interest if you miss a payment or fail to pay off the full balance within a certain timeframe.

Distracted driving and breaking traffic laws

A good habit would be to follow rules and regulations while driving. Furthermore, people should do a habit formation of safe driving their motor vehicles and to refrain from defensive driving.
One of the best way to save money is by choosing the right insurance policy as it saves you from
overpaying. To know more about it, reach out to us today.

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