Are You Covered for These 5 Accidents?

Are You Covered for These 5 Accidents?

Accidents can happen anytime and are very unpredictable. Sometimes accidents happen when you’re not even responsible for it. We all love to drive. Some people drive to work, some for leisure, and much more. In this article, we’ll talk about the various accidents that you can encounter while on road and how having the right insurance can provide coverage for these.

Now for instance let’s assume you’re on road with your family and going for a summer holiday trip. Suddenly, while on road a deer comes in front hitting your car and damaging the entire front of your car. In another scenario, you parked the car under a tree to provide shade to it from the hot scorching heat in summers. You come back out of your office and see that a tree has fallen over your car. This would be a very confusing and heartbreaking situation as your car is destroyed and you’ll have to face a financial loss. Now, moving on with the article let’s talk about the situations that your policy covers. Here are the 5 accidents that you can encounter:

A friend wrecks your car:

Imagine buying your dream car. Saving all these years just to get behind the wheel of the car once you dreamed off. Working hard and putting on your personal expenses just to buy your favorite car. Let’s assume, you’re sitting in your lounge watching a movie and your friend rings up asking to borrow your car. Apparently, he wants to take this girl on a date and wants to impress her with your car.

Even though you want to decline his request but somehow he convinces you. You lend your car to your friend and he ends up in an accident. So in such a situation, your insurance provider comes in handy. If you have opted for collision insurance the damages may be covered.

Another question that might pop in your head is what about the losses that others might have suffered from the accident caused by your friend. For this, your liability insurance can get you covered and help pay off the losses that occurred to others.

A Tree Branch Falls on Your Car

The chances of a tree falling over your car are very slim but still, it’s a possibility. Many unlucky drivers have faced such situations. Now let’s say a storm hits your city and an old tree falls over your vehicle. Or let’s assume you’re driving and a tree branch hits your car damaging it. It would be a worrying situation if such a thing happens but we say you don’t have to worry. If you have to go to the right insurance, then the cost to repair its damages is covered. To get coverage for a tree falling over your car, call your insurance provider and ask them about comprehensive auto insurance. This insurance type covers such damages.

Potholes are miserable

As being a driver, we all hate hitting our car in a pothole. It’s a sad reality, potholes are everywhere. Posh parts of the cities have potholes on their roads as they mostly occur after rain or by the neglect of the government of not taking care of them as they start to form.

We try to avoid potholes while on road but if you are driving and see a small puddle and keep driving thinking it won’t do any damage but it turns out to be a big pothole, you have surely caused some damage to your car. If the pothole has caused substantial damage to your car, then you can call your insurance provider right away to file a claim for the repair.

Furthermore, we suggest not to drive your car if you hear any noise coming out of your car after hitting a pothole. If you do so it can further lead to damaging your car’s suspension and can be dangerous for you as well.

Your Car is Vandalized

Jealous people exist everywhere. Imagine you bring your new shiny metallic color car home. You park it outside over the night. The next day you come out and find that someone has damaged the paint of your car or spray-painted over it.

This would be one of the worst feelings in the world. It can be anyone and you have no idea who did it. In such a situation, your insurance companies can help you sort out such matters. You can file a claim if the paint of the car is badly damaged as your comprehensive insurance covers it if the damage exceeds the amount of your deductible.

Reversed into Something

If you’re in a hurry or get distracted while reversing your car and you end up hitting something. This could be a very embarrassing situation for you. Let’s say doing so has damaged the back end of your car. Now you’re confused about what you can do in this situation as you have little cash leftover in your bank account due at month’s end. We tell you not to worry as your insurance provider can be a blessing in such a situation. Such damages in which your end up rear-ending while reversing are protected under the collision insurance cover. But still, even though insurance covers it, we advise you to be very vigilant while reversing your car as there could be someone standing behind your car and you can end up hurting him badly.

We hope that till now you would have understood about the five accidents that are protected by your insurance coverage plan. There is also a very similar situation in which your insurance plays a vital role. Therefore, we urge you to contact your insurance provider right away and learn about all the situations that you are covered. If there are some situations you haven’t got coverage for, then you can request them and they will help you with it.

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