Know Why Your Standard Coverage Isn’t Enough

Know Why Your Standard Coverage Isn’t Enough

Purchasing car insurance seems simple enough, but when you really start shopping, it can feel overwhelming. Car insurance or what is generally known as personal auto insurance is an insurance coverage policy that takes care of a wide range of aspects while you could hit the road in your car without bothering much about any unfortunate event e.g. a car accident. A broad category of coverage under auto insurance will protect you financially if theft or accident happens. Secondly, it will pay your medical bills if you are harmed and injured, and lastly liability protection in case of your vehicle injuring someone else. Auto insurance is often mandated by the state, which greatly ensures yours and other security. But given that an accident could happen any time, is your regular auto insurance enough for you? This depends upon a wide range of elements such as current circumstances, what type of vehicle you are driving etc. Let’s break down the basic coverages of the standard personal auto policy to see whether your insurance is enough for you:

Teen drivers

This is when you have a young daughter or a son who has started driving/learning to drive your car. New drivers as they are learning tend to make mistakes and they can also meet an accident. At a very young age, for instance, let’s assume 14 to 15 years of age-old drivers cannot get a driving license. But the car owner particularly the parent must have a license if they are giving their own car to their children for learning purposes. So, if the driver has learned driving but is underage, and has started to drive typically for work or on the property for instance, what the parents could do is that they can acquire a personal automobile policy that could protect them from any sort of unforeseen event. Once a young driver turns 15, then they must be listed on your insurance plan, as the teenager cannot get a license yet but they can get a permit. Listing your teenager will inform the insurance provider beforehand that your child has a permit and a year to go before they officially get a license. The insurance provider in most cases will not charge you extra cost as you have informed them. However, once your teenager turns 17, then the insurance provider can charge you an extra cost, assuming that your child has got their license.

Collectors car

A collector car or which is also referred to as classic car insurance is an insurance policy for old antique cars. Classic car insurance is similar to other car insurance. This insurance plan protects your vehicle from spending a fortune on repairing it time and time again as old cars tend to break down very often. In addition, antique cars are valuable and unique, so there is always a chance of them being subject to theft and vandalism. Some key elements that differentiate classic car insurance from your usual auto insurance are firstly its agreed value or stated value. This basically means that you could tell the insurance provider what you have genuinely assessed the worth of the car will be, and if the car is reasonable they will insure it for damages, theft, repair, etc. The second element or benefit of this insurance is that you will not have to pay out-of-the-pocket cost i.e. $0 deductible, even if you are at fault. Another benefit is that the policyholder gets to choose which repair shop they want their car will be repaired at if an accident occurs.

Sports car

As a new driver getting behind the wheel of a sports car is a financial challenge, to say the least, additionally if you add the insurance coverage it could become more expensive. But that’s not always the case, as different insurance companies could also provide you with much cheaper premiums whilst covering more elements in the policy. Some of the reasons why your sports car insurance costs higher are that bigger more powerful engines make people think they also drive faster, and eventually faster more rash driving can also meet accidents. Another reason for unrealistically higher rates is that these cars and their spare parts are more valuable and cost significantly to replace. Following are some options for you to minimize the expensive insurance policy:
· To avoid theft or robbery of your valuable vehicle, you must install an anti-theft device.
· Shorten or re-route your distance in which you are required to drive the car.
· Insure more than one vehicle on your personal automobile insurance plan in order to obtain a discount from your insurer.
· To disperse the risk of damage or accident, purchase a whole plan auto insurance that includes; liability, collision, uninsured motorist, and medical insurance coverage.
While opting for sports car insurance firstly it is important for you to check out with your insurance provider what cars do they classify as sports cars, as not every fast car is a sports vehicle. Now, the certain factors that your auto insurance providers use to determine if your car is a sports vehicle include; engine horsepower, model number, engine size, and body weight and height.

Car rental insurance

This type of insurance coverage plan helps you protect someone else’s car or property that you may have obtained for some time period. Rental car insurance is offered in four types basically:
· First one is a Loss damage waiver, this covers you for crashes, theft of the vehicle that you are renting, and vandalism, but for that one must have collision and comprehensive covers.
· second type is liability insurance covers damages that you do to other vehicle and to injuries that you might cause to some people, so your insurance policy will pay for their medical bills, damage to their vehicle, lawsuits they might file against you, etc. (it is important to note here that your personal auto insurance might not cover loss damage waiver and liability insurance)
· Personal accident insurance: This is often provided by car rental companies themselves and it covers your medical bills if you’re involved in an accident you’re injured, it also covers your passengers as well.
· Personal effects insurance: it can protect your personal property such as items including your computer, cell phone, camera, or your GPS. So, if you meet with an accident and your personal property will be damaged, it will be covered under personal effects insurance.