6 Common Driving Mistakes You Must Avoid

6 Common Driving Mistakes You Must Avoid

Have you been in a situation where you are driving while enjoying your music and suddenly someone calls you and the music stops? What do you do next? Stop your car to pick up the call or keep driving while connecting the phone to the car bluetooth? All of us have chosen the later option knowing the risk it involves. Distracted driving is definitely not a healthy option and we all are aware of that, so here some driving mistakes you should watch out for while you are behind the wheel:

1. Technology is not the ultimate solution

Technology is evolved and is present in our cars to assist us but not to completely rely on it.Despite the technology, you must drive carefully rather than being distracted on behalf of the tech and use these new innovations to make the driving better.

2. You are not the only one on the road

You must not assume that because you are driving safely, you are out of trouble as you don’t know the conditions of the other drivers on the road. You must learn to spot signs of danger from other drivers like inconsistent speed, swerving, driving too closely, unnecessary braking, randomly getting out of their lane and other such actions. If you notice these signs, stay away from that drive to keep away from the harm.

3. Don’t let your insurance make you reckless

If you are relaxed that you have insurance, good. But based on that don’t dwell into reckless driving. Car repairs of the other driver are not the easiest things to deal with and there is also the risk of sustaining injuries.

4. Don’t neglect routine maintenance

Maintenance of your car also protects you from unseen dangers. If you properly maintain your car, you can avoid situations involving overheating, breakdowns or a tire being blown. You must regularly check your car’s fluids and tire pressure. Along with this, you must visit a mechanic once or twice every year to get your car thoroughly checked.

5. Don’t be sloppy when it comes to following traffic laws

Ain’t it always a smart decision to follow the traffic laws. If you feel like doing dangerous road stunts in the name of having fun for example, breaking the red light, well then DON’T, this ain’t a smart move. Traffic rules are not meant to take the fun away from your driving. instead they are made for your safety and one wrong decision can prove dangerous and in some cases also deadly.
So fellas, use your brain and make smart decisions to always follow laws for the road and let your heart take a break from fun and experiment while driving. Protect yourself and also everyone on the road.

6. Know your blind spots

Be fully aware where the blind spots are on your vehicle. Always check your blind spots before making a turn or lane change. You should also be aware of the blind spots of other vehicles and avoid driving in them . Your aim should be to enable drivers to see you at all times.
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